Maryam Ladoni

Maryam Ladoni is a photo-based artist living in the USA. She received an MA degree from the University of Art in Iran and an MFA in photography from the University of Wisconsin- Madison.

She was born in Iran and worked as a commercial photographer for more than 14 years. The experience helped her hone her photography artistry.

Her art practice returns to 2015 with the collection Abandoned: Photos from Iran after the War. In the project, she travels to her hometown to visualize places and people whiremind her of a war-affected childhood. She continues to work on artwork that explores concepts like memory, identity, and relation of the human with objects and places.

Currently, she is a UX designer and a part-time artist. Her artwork has been exhibited nationally including the International Center of Photography Mausam in New York and Overture Gallery in Madison.

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